Royalty Cart Rentals

Elevating Luxury Transportation


What we did:

Elevating Luxury Transportation

Project Overview: Royalty Cart Rentals wasn’t just seeking a website; they envisioned a complete brand that could transform the golf cart rental experience. We partnered with them to build a unique identity that embodies luxury transportation and translates seamlessly into a user-centric, impactful brand and website.


  • Building a distinct brand in a saturated market where luxury often means “beige and chrome.”
  • Creating a website that transcends mere car rentals and evokes exclusive experiences.
  • Integrating seamless booking with brand storytelling and aspirational visuals.


Brand Identity: We crafted a bold, contemporary logo that evokes speed and elegance, using a crown motif to suggest a touch of royalty. A rich color palette of deep crimson and metallic silver creates a sense of exclusivity and refinement. Typography is clean and sophisticated, enhancing the overall luxury feel.

Website Design:

  • Immersive, high-resolution photography and videography showcase the vehicles in stunning detail, drawing users into the experience.
  • Interactive 360° views of select carts let users explore every curve and feature virtually.
  • Curated “Journeys,” not just rental options, inspire clients to design their own adventures.
  • Real-time booking seamlessly integrated, maintaining the premium feel while simplifying the process.


  • Royalty Cart Rentals now possesses a distinct brand identity that stands out from the competition.
  • The website has seen a significant increase in engagement, with users spending more time exploring and considering journeys.
  • Bookings have surged, driven by the user-friendly platform and curated experience-focused approach.

Key Features:

  • Regal Identity: A logo and color scheme that ooze luxury and evoke exclusivity.
  • Immersive Journeys: Curated experiences, not just rentals, inspire and guide clients.
  • Virtual Touch: Clear and detailed cart views let users explore before they hit the road.
  • Effortless Booking: Streamlined process with real-time availability and confirmation.
  • Content-Rich Storytelling: Friendly weave engaging narratives around RoyaltyCartRentals’ world.

"Keshav and everyone at The Complete Studio are phenomenal. I was a bit skeptical since there were few sales and only one review. They provided all services I needed, made helpful recommendations, and listened to my vision. His company provided full service even helped with developing a name to ensure consistent and effective branding. They were available promptly, gave us tasks to get the information we needed to translate appropriately to our customers, and the finished product is exceptional. Great turnaround time! He is very personable and easy to work with. He absolutely knows the marketing/web design space, and I would highly recommend working with him and his team for any needs related to marketing, branding, website, etc. Check out to see his work."

- Elizabeth Edmunds, Owner, Royalty Cart Rentals

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